You might be wondering if you need a visa to travel to Australia. The answer is, everyone who is not an Australian citizen needs to hold a valid visa in order to enter and stay in Australia.

That’s right! This includes Australian Permanent Residents (ie. non-citizens who hold a permanent visa), as well as citizens of other English-speaking countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Ireland, Canada and even New Zealand!

New Zealand has a special arrangement with Australia so that its citizens are automatically granted a visa when they enter Australia. This means that they will be holding a visa during the entire time that they are in Australia.

Citizens of all other countries must make an application for a visa. The visa must be granted before they can enter Australia, or even board their flight to travel to Australia.

Australia has one of the most strictly regulated immigration systems in the world. The immigration system is governed by the Department of Home Affairs, which is a federal government department empowered to enforce the immigration law.

The Department of Home Affairs takes visa compliance very seriously. Immigration officers have the power to refuse visa applications that do not meet the legal requirements for visa grant, and to remove people in Australia who are in breach of their visa conditions or who do not hold a valid visa (ie. they are unlawful).

This ensures that the people who are allowed to be in Australia are the ones who have a legal right to be here, and are compliant with immigration laws.